Featured News Release
Asian Trails is thrilled to announce our new tech partnership with 11Infotech
15 November 2022
Asian Trails is thrilled to announce our new tech partnership with 11Infotech. This is a leading travel-industry technology provider offering a state-of-the art online B2B platform and the latest API connectivity and distribution solutions for both buyers and sellers. With over 18 years’ experience in the travel-tech industry, 11Infotech is a pioneer when it c ...
Robinhood Travel made possible by 11-Infotech System
12 April 2022
Purple Ventures (Robinhood Travel) made possible by 11- Infotech System, a Thai Travel Tech Company of 25 years. 11-Infotech System was once again chosen by renowned Robinhood food delivery platform to develop a back end online platform to invite every Thai Tourist to book travel products all from the ease of ...
Portal Made Possible by 11-Infotech
20 October 2020
Chartchai Pothong Langkawi’s Digital Portal made possible by 11- Infotech System Thai Travel Tech Company 11-Infotech System was once again chosen by renowned Langkawi Trade Technology to develop an online platform to welcome every tourist from around the world to visit Langkawi all from their fingertips. OURLANGKAWI.COM has been develope ...
11-Infotech upgrades Indonesian bedbank
02 October 2020
JAKARTA, 2 October 2020: Bangkok-based 11-Infotech, a software firm specialising in travel solutions, has just completed a system upgrade of the Kliknbook B2B platform using its latest CAI Premium technology. Based in Jakarta, Kliknbook International, a leading bedbank provider, focusing on Indonesia’s hotels, hired the Bangkok software solution firm to upgrade its B2B ...
kliknbook moves to CAI Premium
16 September 2020
Peggy Lee kliknbook kliknbook moves to CAI Premium, powered by 11-Infotech PT. Kliknbook International (kliknbook), a leading bedbank provider in Indonesia, has upgraded its B2B platform using the latest technology referenced as CAI Premium developed and provided by 11-Infotech of Bangkok ...
New Normal of Travel Distribution
12 May 2020
Are you concerned as to what the post Covid-19 new normal is going to be for travel and tourism? Don’t be, 11-Infotech one of the world’s leading travel and tourism software development companies has you covered. With over two decades of powering some of the most powerful tourism organisations across the globe, they have you covered with their latest product offeri ...