Infotech Travflex (Premium version)
Infotech Travflex (Premium version), is a superior B2B & B2C e-Distribution solution tailored for tour operators. It integrates seamlessly with various travel products and services, offering XML API connectivity and a customizable platform. Ideal for travel agents and companies seeking efficient, technology-driven solutions, it provides streamlined booking processes, enhanced data management, and global market access
Infotech DMC
Infotech DMC is a comprehensive web-based solution designed for travel agencies, tour operators, and destination management companies. It streamlines operations across various modules like reservations, operations, accounting, and management information. This system simplifies data management, booking processes, and financial transactions, enhancing efficiency and decision-making for travel professionals. It’s the all-in-one tool for modern travel business management.
Infotech HotelBox
Infotech HotelBox: A specialized digital booking solution crafted for hoteliers. This platform streamlines room management and bolsters revenue in B2B and B2C markets. It features real-time rate adjustments, effective reservation handling, and multi-language capabilities, enabling hotel businesses to excel in the digital sphere with continuous booking availability and robust promotional tools.
Infotech Loyalty
Infotech Loyalty transforms hospitality management by utilizing advanced technology to cultivate customer loyalty. Ideal for businesses aiming to enrich guest experiences and encourage repeat visits, it offers personalized rewards, strategic partnerships, and insightful data analysis. This system turns customer interactions into enduring relationships, making it a perfect choice for hotels focused on enhancing engagement and increasing profitability.
PMS SUITE is an advanced, cloud-based hotel management system, expertly designed for hoteliers seeking growth and efficiency. It combines cloud flexibility with robust local server support, offering sophisticated rate management, comprehensive multi-hotel oversight, and seamless online distribution. Ideal for hotels aiming to optimize operations, from sales to housekeeping, ensuring superior service and competitive edge in a dynamic market.
Hotelstrack is an advanced distribution platform for the hospitality industry, simplifying connections between hotels, DMCs, suppliers, and buyers. Designed for seamless integration, it offers unique hotel IDs and API connections, streamlining room rate and allotment updates across multiple channels. Ideal for hoteliers, DMCs, and travel agents seeking efficient, cost-effective, and global distribution solutions.
Infotech Premium
B2B/ B2C Online Travel Software solution for all types of tour operators, that allows you to sell and distribute your travel products online (Accommodations, Transfers, Sightseeing, Packages, Airlines)

24/7/365 via our ready XML API and White Label.
Infotech DMC
Advanced Operation and Accounting system.

This web-based solution has all the traditional functions available to manage and operate your travel business internally. Extremely flexible reservation function for quick, manual and bundled bookings. Your team can generate invoice, vouchers, quotation and itineraries instantly.
Infotech Hotel Box
Travel Booking System with XML capability specifically designed for hotels. Can manage rates, allotments, promotions, yield management, MIS Reports for both B2B and B2C clients.
Infotech Loyalty
INFOTECH LOYALTY (Loyalty programs) is important to every business; especially the hospitality industry which depends so much on reciprocal relations, one of today’s much talked about topics.
Infotech Index
Easy TOOL online access to allow HOTELS to standardize their MAPPING profile with an assigned UNIQUE WEB SERVICE CODE [UWC]
11-Infotech - Simplifying Travel Through Technology
Who We Are
11-Infotech System Co., Ltd specializes in advanced travel software solutions. We’re known for creating top-notch online travel software and various internet applications that cater to different industry needs. Our focus is on innovation and excellence, making us a leading name in travel technology.
What We Do
We go beyond the usual tech boundaries, providing specialized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the global travel industry. Our expertise includes integrating XML API for a range of travel services like hotel bookings, transfers, sightseeing tours, package deals, and air tickets. We make buying and selling in the travel world a smooth experience.
Our Experience
With over 20 years in the business, our team brings top-quality services. We’re all about transforming the travel industry with our tech know-how and extensive experience.
Our Clients, Our Focus
Understanding and meeting our clients’ unique needs is what we do best. We aim for more than just providing services; we build lasting relationships. Our goal is to develop solutions that truly fit what our clients need, ensuring their satisfaction and long-term partnerships.
Innovative Services
Our services cover every aspect of the travel industry, from the start of a transaction to continuous support. We’re committed to delivering impactful solutions and constantly improving what we offer to reflect our dedication to quality and innovation.
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At 11-Infotech, we invite you to explore our world of innovative travel technology solutions. We’re here to change the travel industry and offer solutions that are valuable, customer-focused, and reliable. Come and experience our commitment to excellence and innovation, and let’s build a successful partnership together!
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04 Dec 2023
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23 Nov 2023
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20 Nov 2023
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13 Nov 2023
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08 Nov 2023
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27 Oct 2023
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