11-Infotech System Services

With more than 20 years of our teams' experiences, 11-Infotech System aims at providing highest quality of service in every phase of Travel Industry, from initial billing to follow up support. Our technical expertise and experience are unparalleled in the industry.

Recognizing a client's unique needs and consistently exceeding their expectations is what sets us apart from the others. We therefore focus not only on developing and maintaining the products and services we offer, but also on building long term relationships with our customers.


An Online Travel Solution that enables you to distribute the whole suite of travel products (Accommodations, Transfers, Sightseeing, Packages, Airlines) 24/7/365 via our ready XML API and White Label. Additional features, Neptune and ARM will enhance the system flow, that are included in the system.

The software also facilitates what we call Complete Business Exchange. This means that everybody in the supply chain, including employees, suppliers and customers (travel agents, corporate customers, direct customers), are able to login to INFOTECH PREMIUM to access the information they need. At all times, everything stays completely customizable. Distribute information, like any kind of booking with complex offer and discount systems, to whom you want to and empower your clients to receive this information how and when they want it.

INFOTECH PREMIUM is best value and cost effective, as it is an affordable solution with Direct xml connection to third party and without a fixed contract period Reap the benefits of paperless, automated reservation system with the help of Infotech Premium.


INFOTECH DMC is a web-based solution that has been designed for Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Destination Management companies. It covers all different aspects of the ever-growing travel industry: Production, Reservations, Operations and Accounts. This modernly designed software serves as a back office providing a full range of functions and profitable operations that will enable your staff to get maximum efficiency and enable you to have a quick return on your investment.


INFOTECH HOTELBOX is the new innovation of 11-Infotech System, the leading software developer of travel industry and it‘s related. With the experiences of our professional team, this module will help you to sell your rooms online with full control of reservation. You will be able to increase or decrease your room number of allotment at anytime, anywhere you wish. Your online reservation will be 24/7 for the whole 365 days, so you will never miss your chance to sell your rooms with INFOTECH HOTELBOX.


INFOTECH GATEWAY members will be a true product aggregator supporting all small and medium travel agency to be part of this fast growing online business. Using technology as a tool to further serve their customers more effectively with saving of contracting cost and human resources.


INFOTECH LOYALTY (Loyalty programs) are important to every business; especially the hospitality industry which depends so much on reciprocal relations, one of todayʼs much talked about topics.


11-Infotech System company offers, not only the new high technology, but propose professional website design, e-commerce, specific programming, copywriting and adapted clients solution especially for Travel business. With an accumulation of knowledge and success story on SEO and SEM, we will give you the right direction of your travel business expectative. Our SEM methods include, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link exchange program, paid directory placement, public relation news letter and paid inclusion.


PMS SUITE is the new technologies designed and developed on cloud base by the expert team in hotel management system and online travel management system who aim to add the business value and growth for the hotels that never exist in the current market.

Combines cloud-based and dedicated local servers, gives flexibility to business access from anywhere - any device and automatically switch to dedicated local serves when the internet connection is unavailable.


Hotelstrack is the latest state of art distribution took for both hotels and suppliers. With many years of experiences in the hospitality distribution business and leveraging of the hundreds of ready connected API channels with both buyers and suppliers, Hotelstrack is the solution for both Buyers and Suppliers to connect with each other seamlessly.

Accommodation suppliers endeavor to distribute online but incapacitated due to technology can ride on the platform to reach out to global online Buyers today. Hotelstrack is a global network of technology platforms and solutions for Hotels, Destination Marketing Companies and online Buyers.