Developed by 11-Infotech System, INFOTECH PREMIUM - is our leading Superior B2B e-Distribution Solution for all types of tour operators.

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry and IT development, we have created a software package that excels in handling all your travel business processes.

INFOTECH PREMIUM is used by many prestigious companies around the world. We are an internationally focused company with proven records of successful implementation of solutions for our clients in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and Japan.

We have develop xml integration since 2003 and with.
These knowledge and experiences make us able to further do development and improvement to our product INFOTECH PREMIUM.

Our are very happy to be keep abreast by our clients feedbacks is as this is the most valuable information that will help us improve and be updated. We valued our clients feedbacks and will take each suggestion into account for our future INFOTECH PREMIUM updates and enhancement.

We have a dedicated business development team that explores new business ideas and areas at all times to feedback to our Sales & Marketing team. They in return our team studies and analyze these prospective new fields in depth in order for us to pinpoint the upcoming areas of importance and have a high potential to generate more growth and sales for our customers. Our Research & Development department will further develop these new functions and plan the necessary integration into future INFOTECH PREMIUM updates.


The software also facilitates what we call Complete Business Exchange. This means that everybody in the supply chain, including employees, suppliers and customers (travel agents, corporate customers, direct customers), are able to login to INFOTECH PREMIUM to access the information they need. At all times, everything stays completely customizable. Distribute information, like any kind of booking with complex offer and discount systems, to whom you want to and empower your clients to receive this information how and when they want it.

Infotech Premium Overview
  • Agent (B2B)
  • Neptune
  • ARM
  • Administrator

INFOTECH PREMIUM is the complete Travel Booking Solution with B2B (Business to Business) Concept. INFOTECH PREMIUM is sophisticated Internet-based Reservation System for Hotel booking and Transfer that can serve any size of Tour Operator in single or multiple locations. INFOTECH PREMIUM is ideal alternative for manually tracking the customers and reservations. Tour Operator no longer need to keep stacks of paper or loose customer details. INFOTECH PREMIUM is the latest product of our company. With this booking Engine Tour Operator can connect from any where on the world.

How the B2B Agent interface Work? A log in ID for all your agents which you provide for them, that will allow them to purchase products that are already been uploaded and approved by you from ARM. The interface was designed to be a user friendly as easy as 5 steps to get it complete. (Search -> Result -> Pax details -> Payment -> Confirm) With the flexibility of the Agent interface, your agents are able to make new booking by multiple countries, cities, hotels, period of stay, room categories and multiple room type as well as other products such as Transfer, Sightseeing, Packages and Flight.

Agent interface is ready for the payment gateway at your convenience. All necessary report at Agent interface is available for your agent tracking purpose such as booking made today, invoice summary, arrival and departure report etc.,

Neptune is INFOTECH PREMIUM's module for efficiently managing the status of all your bookings. Again, as Neptune lets you make changes to the database in real-time it results in a very simple and speedy way for all parties including your suppliers and yourself to have your system updated. Enter and update confirmation statuses and gain big time-savings. Neptune lets you narrow the gap between your business operations and challenges brought to it by the increased use of Internet usage and other new technologies.

How the Neptune (Reservation Management) work? The Suppliers and Hotels, will get a log in ID that you will provide for them Neptune interface. In order for them to acknowledge the bookings that has been made from your website. Neptune (Reservation Management Module) is The tool of your suppliers and hotels to manage all reservation that was made from your website.

Hotels and suppliers are able to monitor all reservations that were directly sent via e-mail, where they can update all status of the reservations such as: On request bookings to Booking Confirm, Not Confirm, Cancellations and Amendment Confirmations.

With the help of ARM (Allotment Rate Management) which allow you to update the Rates and Allotment real time to our database. We believe that with ARM, we can achieving the better service to our customer and increasing the productivity.

This function will be useful in narrowing the gap between our business operations and new challenges brought by the use of Internet and new technologies.

How the ARM (Extra-Net) Work? The Suppliers and Hotels, will get a login ID provided by you to the ARM interface. Once products have been uploaded, after your approval the product is then ready to sell on your website.

ARM (Extra-net Module) is an online distribution management that is easily accessible and manageable. Allows controlled access from your suppliers and hotels. For profit maximization and utilization of your service exposure to the global hospitality industry. Your suppliers and hotel able to input their products using ARM in order for you to distribute.

How the Back Office Module work? Having a Master access that allows you and your team to control all module stated below:

  • Selection Data Module, is the primary step to setting up your system
  • Profile Module, allowing you to create all necessary information for your agents, suppliers and etc.,
  • Production Module, allowing you to manage all of your products such as Hotel, Transfer, Sightseeing, Packages and Flight.
  • Reservation Module, is the storage of booking transactions which allows you to monitor the entire bookings made from your website
  • Account Module, allowing you to monitor all your income and expenses generated from your website as well as necessary statistic report
  • Utility Module, is the master control for the administrator.

Infotech Premium is best value and cost effective, as it is an affordable solution with Direct xml connection to third party and without a fixed contract period

Reap the benefits of paperless, automated reservation system with the help of Infotech Premium.