Loyalty programs are important to every business, especially the hospitality industry which depends so much on reciprocal relations, one of today's much talked about topics. INFOTECH Loyalty is both an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to favor a particular brand over others, this can be due to satisfaction with the product or service, the convenience or performance, or simply the familiarity and comfort with the brand.

Why INFOTECH Loyalty?

Within the hotel business, one of the major goals is to encourage guests to repeat their stay or stay with a co-brand. This is not easy to achieve, but with the services of INFOTECH Loyalty it is now more attainable than before, with the latest technology creating a direct link with customers that reinforces recognition and offers rewards.

In INFOTECH Loyalty, we use the five basic foundations

  1. Measure Customer Spend
  2. Understand Customer Behavior
  3. Reward Performance
  4. Motivate Future Behavior
  5. Measure Results

Help your business?

How can INFOTECH Loyalty help your business?

  • Providing the best technology tools to manage the program
  • Providing updated information on news and the latest promotions
  • Creating a Strategic Partner
  • Allowing rewards to be redeemed online
  • Building customer relationships by excelling customer service and problem correction
  • Providing good services that best suit the customer's unique needs
  • Delivering personal offers for the most profitable loyalty members
  • Your advertising can be targeted instead of untargeted, making for significant savings
  • Saving marketing costs
  • Enhancing the overall value-proposition of the product or service
  • Providing cross-branding recognition
  • More contact with the existing customers
  • Attracting new customers