INFOTECH DMC is the latest product introduced by 11-INFOTECH SYSTEM with special design for Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Destination Management companies, to manage and control every aspect of their operations. This web based application has all the traditional functions available at your fingertips for you to operate your tourism business efficiently and effectively. Changes and modifications can easily be entered into the system and are immediately reflected in all relevant records.

The Relationship Between

INFOTECH DMC is integrated with Travflex (B2B/B2C) online system.
We are able to download and upload products, bookings and account records easily.

 Travflex (B2B/B2C) Online System
Pproducts we can download from INFOTECH TRAVFLEX to INFOTECH DMC for Operation & Account purpose
  • Hotel Rates with compulsory and supplement, as well as all hotel promotions
  • Bookings made on B2B B2C (to do the AR/AP and to operate)
  • Agent’s profile and contact details
Products we can upload from INFOTECH TRAVFLEX to INFOTECH DMC to sell online
  • Transfer products
  • Tour products
  • Packages (static or dynamic)
  • Paid invoice records to update the agent’s credit limit