11-Infotech System Co., Ltd. Announces Exciting Collaboration with World of World Express!
02 August 2023
World of World Express Leverages Infotech DMC to Boost its Destination Management Capabilities.
Journeying Together: Pioneers in Destination Management Join Hands
World of World Express Embarks on a New Voyage with Infotech DMC
As the ever-evolving world of travel continues to transform, strong alliances between industry leaders have become pivotal. Today marks yet another such alliance, as 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd., a renowned name in travel software solutions, enters into a momentous partnership with World of World Express, a stalwart in the realm of destination management.
World of World Express, with its inception in 1969, has woven a legacy of dreams, discoveries, and profound experiences for its global clientele. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, World Express has carved a niche for itself by crafting unparalleled travel experiences, primarily in Malaysia, earning its reputation as an industry frontrunner. Their dedication to setting benchmarks, continual pursuit of quality enhancement, and unwavering focus on client satisfaction exemplify their success story. Now, with its eyes set on further expansion, World of World Express turns to 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd.
The question that arises is, why Infotech DMC?
At its core, a destination management company (DMC) streamlines and enriches the tapestry of travel experiences. From facilitating unique travel adventures such as safaris and exclusive entries to iconic landmarks to managing essential travel logistics like accommodation and transportation, DMCs operate at the heart of the travel industry. Infotech DMC, in this landscape, emerges as the epitome of excellence.
Designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of the travel world, Infotech DMC is an encapsulation of local expertise, safety, and top-tier service standards. The platform allows international travel professionals to orchestrate extraordinary travel experiences anywhere in the world, grounded in confidence, safety, and precision. Moreover, the vast array of services offered by Infotech DMC makes it a compelling one-stop solution for creating holistic travel packages.
World of World Express's decision to integrate Infotech DMC is driven by their relentless commitment to lead by example, embrace innovation, and offer nothing short of outstanding service. With Infotech DMC's capabilities, they can now harness the power of localized insights, tapping into secrets that only seasoned DMCs are privy to, thus promising even more refined and delightful experiences for their clientele.
But this partnership transcends mere business. It is a confluence of shared values, ideologies, and visions. Both entities are anchored in transparency, honesty, and sustainability, and together, they are poised to set new benchmarks in the realm of destination management.
In the words of World of World Express, "We share in the dedication of our clients in attaining their objectives and goals." Today, as they join hands with 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd., this dedication is set to reach unprecedented heights. Together, they are geared to redefine what it means to journey, to explore, and to experience the myriad wonders our world offers.
As 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd. and World of World Express embark on this promising voyage, the travel industry waits in eager anticipation. This union promises not just seamless travel experiences but also a brighter horizon for destination management globally. Join us as we celebrate this collaborative spirit and the many adventures it promises!