11-Infotech System Co., Ltd. Celebrates New Partnership with Turning Point Tourism LLC!
10 July 2023
Turning Point Tourism LLC Chooses Infotech Travflex Premium Version to Enhance Their Travel Solutions Offering
A Milestone Collaboration Between Industry Leaders
Understanding the Rationale Behind Turning Point Tourism LLC's Decision
In the ever-evolving world of travel and tourism, strong partnerships are the key to success. Today, 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd., a trailblazer with over 20 years of unparalleled technical expertise in the travel software industry, proudly announces its latest alliance with Turning Point Tourism LLC.
Turning Point Tourism LLC, a visionary startup Destination Management Company with offices in the dazzling city of Dubai and the cultural hub of Kolkata, India, has always been committed to redefining the essence of tourism. Their ethos resonates with their name, aiming to be the 'Turning Point' in every traveler's journey, ensuring a perfect balance between value and a holistic travel experience.
So, what prompted this promising DMC to opt for Infotech Travflex Premium Version?
It's simple. Turning Point Tourism LLC's commitment to offering hassle-free travel solutions and high-end itinerary services pairs seamlessly with what Infotech Travflex Premium Version stands for. Developed by the seasoned professionals at 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd., this B2B e-Distribution Solution is a testament to two decades of in-depth understanding of travel business processes, coupled with consistent IT development.
Trusted by numerous prestigious companies globally, from nations as diverse as Thailand to Japan, the Premium Version offers unparalleled functionalities. Its history, dating back to 2003, of advanced XML integration and an unwavering commitment to innovation through client feedback, made it the software of choice for Turning Point Tourism LLC. They saw in it an opportunity not just for seamless operations but also for tailored, growth-focused solutions, backed by an ever-evolving research and development team.
Turning Point Tourism LLC’s vision to provide a 360-degree view of exotic destinations and create tailor-made packages that cater to individual needs will undoubtedly benefit from this collaboration. The Infotech Travflex Premium Version is not just a software; it's a promise of continuous growth, tapping into upcoming areas of importance and ensuring that every user's experience is nothing short of exceptional.
This union is not just about software integration; it's a confluence of values, dedication, and a shared vision for the future of travel. Both companies are geared towards a future where every traveler's experience is enriched, every itinerary is memorable, and every journey truly becomes a 'turning point'.
In conclusion, as the travel industry witnesses this powerful collaboration, we remain excited for the milestones this partnership will achieve. Here's to new beginnings and transformative travel experiences!
By integrating their strengths, both 11-Infotech System Co., Ltd. and Turning Point Tourism LLC are set to redefine the future of travel. Join us in celebrating this new chapter!