Experience the Next-Level Update in Infotech Travflex Premium version #1
01 November 2023
In a world where tech keeps changing, 11-Infotech System has been on the front lines for 20 years! We always make sure to update and improve our system. This way, our customers always have the best tools for the travel industry.
Even during the tough times of COVID-19, we didn’t stop. We added some really cool features to our 'Infotech Premium'. Check them out!
# Front-end Feature: Smart Destination Trend Tips
Travel trends are always evolving. It's crucial to be informed about the top destinations that travelers are gravitating towards. That's where Infotech Premium steps in with its new feature: Smart Destination Trend Tips.
Gone are the days of laboriously searching through endless lists of cities or hotels. Smart Destination Trend Tips auto-populates with the most sought-after destinations and accommodations, utilizing real-time data processed by our advanced AI. Every location and lodging option is ranked according to its current buzz, granting you immediate insights into the latest hotspots.
Beyond just locations, this tool also provides insights into the most popular travel dates and durations. No more guesswork or lengthy decision-making processes. With Smart Destination Trend Tips, tap into the pulse of current travel trends and streamline your planning process.