Experience the Next-Level Update in Infotech Travflex Premium version #2
02 November 2023
In sprawling urban centers, travelers value connectivity above all. Big cities often present an overwhelming number of accommodation options - sometimes over a staggering 1000 hotels - which can pose a challenge for users looking to find the perfect fit for their customers. Recognizing this, 11Infotech has developed a sophisticated yet user-friendly feature that places convenience and accessibility at its core.
# Front-end Feature: Pinpoint Hotels Near Public Transport Hubs
Introducing the "Hotel Surrounding the Public Station" feature. Instead of wading through endless lists of hotels, users can now effortlessly narrow down their choices by proximity to vital public transportation hubs. Whether it's a bustling bus terminal, a mainline train station, a metro hub, the underground, or the overground, our system provides users with the tools to pinpoint hotels that surround these transit points.
But we didn’t stop there. With the innovative use of map-based pins marking the center of the station, users can define a search radius tailored to their needs. From a close 100 meters for those wanting immediate access, expanding to 200, 500 meters, 1 kilometer, and even up to a spacious 5-kilometer radius, there's flexibility for every user's unique requirements.
This dynamic feature not only aids in rapid selection but also caters to the specific requests of end customers, ensuring their accommodations are in the ideal location. Now, agents can confidently recommend hotels that guarantee both comfort and seamless connectivity, enhancing the overall travel experience for their clients.