kliknbook moves to CAI Premium
16 September 2020
Peggy Lee kliknbook
kliknbook moves to CAI Premium, powered by 11-Infotech
PT. Kliknbook International (kliknbook), a leading bedbank provider in Indonesia, has upgraded its B2B platform using the latest technology referenced as CAI Premium developed and provided by 11-Infotech of Bangkok. Ms Peggy Lee, Director of kliknbook, says in a statement, ‘This new platform gives us the agility, speed, and advance technology to scale our business and enhance our customer experience dramatically. We have immediately noticed significant increase in response speed on our B2B site and API response to buyers.’ Average response speed of CAI Premium is at an average of below 500 milliseconds.
Ms. Lee went on to say, ‘The new upgrade also includes ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) to better respond to searches with more intuitive search parameters and returned results.’ ‘We are delighted with the new and improved results and are most grateful to the efforts and expertise as provide by the 11-Infotech team and thank them for their ongoing support in advancing this technologically advanced platform.
More than ever, our business agility and survival will depend on the strong cooperation with our technology developer and provider.’ Mr Chartchai Pothong of 11-Infotech adds ‘CAI Premium is more than an upgrade. It is an entire system overhaul, born from meeting our customers’ needs to remain relevant and competitive on the global stage, as well as preparing for future growth. We believe as the travel industry maneuvers through and recovers from the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more travel-related companies will increasingly leverage technology to cut costs, increase efficiency and reach their customers more visibly. The CAI Premium platform can do all that.’
About kliknbook – Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, kliknbook is a fasting-growing B2B bedbank for Indonesian hotels.
About 11-Infotech – Based in Bangkok, Thailand, it is a leading technology provider specializing in travel solution. Established more than two decades ago, it is led by Mr Chartchai Pothong, CEO and Owner, a renowned and trusted leader within the travel distribution space.
Chartchai Pothong 11-Infotech