Robinhood Travel made possible by 11-Infotech System
12 April 2022
Purple Ventures (Robinhood Travel) made possible by 11- Infotech System, a Thai Travel Tech Company of 25 years.
11-Infotech System was once again chosen by renowned Robinhood food delivery platform to develop a back end online platform to invite every Thai Tourist to book travel products all from the ease of their fingertips via Robinhood Super apps mobile application. The food delivery platform Robinhood is expanding into tourism with a new one-stop Mobile application called Robinhood Travel that boasts a zero gross profit policy, like its initial app.
Srihanath Lamsam, Managing Director of Purple Ventures
Srihanath Lamsam, Managing Director of Purple Ventures, said Purple Ventures is a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and the operator of Robinhood, which has 2.8million users in Bangkok alone, 200,000 restaurants and 28,000 delivery drivers, all accessible via Robinhood apps. Tourists will be able to book preferred accommodation, car rental services, tours, tickets and also flight services wherever they are whenever they want. Tourists can search for travel services and book online via Robinhood super apps quickly and conveniently.
The platform also offers affordable and attractively priced rates, hassle free booking procedures and an extensive range of travel activities on any budget. Having said that, 11-Infotech ‘s owner and CEO Chartchai Pothong, who has over 25 years of experience in the IT Travel industry sector is absolutely thrilled to have their Online Platform for promoting special rates and offers. “We are overwhelmed to be part of Robinhood Travel great resilience during this time, we will continue to support the Travel and Tourism Industry with innovative technologies to deal with the new normal which is developing digital platforms for the hard-hit tourism industry”, he added. 11- Infotech System as a travel software provider offers B2B and B2C platforms to sell Hotels & Resorts, Tours, Transfers, Airlines, Ferry, Golf and Holiday Packages online 24/7.
Robinhood Travel and 11-Infotech System collaboration is proof that the Tourism Industry and Travel Technology sector can heal as one and stand stronger post Covid-19 together. The co habitation of multiple industries utilizing existing business units to develop new revenue streams is becoming increasingly popular especially for those who already have vast distribution and databases.
Chartchai Pothong CEO 11-Infotech System