Smart hotel Re-training at Muangthong Hotel - Luang prabang, Laos - 2012

From Left
Ms.Wimonwan Treetup - Trainer, 11-Infotech System
Mr.Phetsaward Patsaphan - Accounting, Lao Airlines
Ms.Moukda Vivanxay - Staff, Lao Airlines
Ms.Davine Phanthavongsy - Front Office, Muangthong Hotel
Mr.Rada Sunthorn - GM, Muangthong Hotel
Mr.Soulinthong Saiyadeth - Asst. GM, Muangthong Hotel
Ms.Chansuan Sivongsa - Accounting, Muangthong Hotel
Ms.Linda Vonglapradith - Front Office, Muangthong Hotel
Ms.Sayjai Sayavong - Accounting, Muangthong Hotel

With a boutique feel the Muangthong Hotel is an impressive complex of 4 two storey buildings, built around a central courtyard and swimming pool. The buildings, with large wooden pillars are of modern Lao design with a French colonial flavour and traditional Lao roofs.