Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We are e-Marketing EXPERT!
We will HELP you to UNDERSTAND how SEM’s work!
We will build a STRATEGY for your business to be competitive ONLINE.

Deep Manual Submission strategy to make sure even the inner pages are indexed.

We will submit your site to all the major search engines and also over 1000 web directories. We do this completely manually to ensure your sites are accepted to all the Search Engines and Directories and we will submit important pages from within your website and not just your homepage. This ensures all the site is crawled and maximises the SEO on all your pages.

Reciprocal linking to increase link popularity and keyword Relevance.

Reciprocal Linking is not as important as it used to be and is not recommended for the primary link building strategy. However we will use reciprocal links if the link is coming from a very useful website that will not only give you an SEO boost but should help with natural traffic from the partner website.

One Way Link Building

We have many of our own sites that we can use to link directly to your site and we have many partner websites that can provide a relevant one way link to your site. One way links are one of the most important link building techniques. A one way link with your keywords from a relevant site will have a large benefit to your SEO campaign.

We now no longer pay for any one way links from other websites, this is due to Google recent announcement that site may lose their ability to pass link value from paid links. We do our best to conform the rules set by Google to ensure all our clients maintain the best positions possible within the Google Search Engine Results Pages.

Article writing and submission

On a monthly basis we produce articles based around your subject area and keywords with links to your site within the content. These are then submitted to all the top article directories. These articles will provide excellent one way links to your site.

Ongoing analysis

As part of our monthly SEO campaign we constantly review your site in order to make it rank as high as possible for your keywords. This will include updates to the keyword research to ensure we have the best possible keywords for your site.

Regular Re-Optimization

We do not just optimise your site then forget about it, we constantly monitor the performance of your site and tweak the Optimization to improve performance.

Monthly search engine ranking reports

We use JavaScript on each webpage to monitor what keywords your site is being found for. We then use this data to create you a monthly report on how well your site is ranking and what work we have done during the month.